The Work So Far…

After speaking with my mentor during the month of April 2018, I agreed with him that it's important to document this journey I am on, so prepare for quotes, sketches and understandings of the world of architecture and how poetry can come together to pioneer a new form.


Feature 1: Guest Editor of Wellcome collection (Oct 2018)

The Living with Buildings exhibition looks at architecture and health from a historical perspective, but what's the relationship between architecture and health on a personal level for someone living today? 

We asked poet and spoken word performer LionHeart to commission five new stories on how architecture and the built environment can affect our mental health and sense of identity. Their essays and illustrations capture the essence of how buildings and the world around us affect our emotions and mental health.

My Article: How I escaped my anxiety and depression through architecture and poetry

Feature 2: Grimshaw Architects Poet in Residence (Mar 2019)

As part of the 2019 poet in residency with the firm, I was welcomed to curate an exhibition with the team and provide a talk and reading of my findings so far. The results were incredibly insightful.

Also as part of ACE DYCP, I flew out to their NYC offices to continue my research on emotional inhabitance, the experience opened my eyes in how culture may affect my results.



Feature 3: Japan - 2 days in (May) 2019

Earlier today in Japan, I had a conversation with someone and it gave me so much intrigue in regards to how space is seen. Particularly when that culture perceives the use or absence of space, between things, so differently.

Only two days in, and there is so much information to take in, observations that I must reflect on rather than brain dump onto a page, because there’s a quality of order and tranquility here, which assures me things will fall into place, just as the composite placement of residential homes find balance in being beautifully clustered together.

Perception of space from different culture, this is something to note for future reference.

I’m learning we’re all architects, and fear
is the only building regulation
that stops us from designing our wildest dreams.
— LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt)

Feature 4: Japan Highlights

During my travels, I was privileged to have interviews and meetings with Tezuka Architects, Junya Ishigami, Kengo Kuma and TATO Architects.

Imagine if architects put their feelings into buildings, we could be walking through another person’s trauma...
— LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt)

Feature 5: japan - Time w/ Junya Ishigami (May 2019)

There was so much that was explored, I can only imagine what my writings on this interview will create, and I am excited to see his unique approach to architecture and wellbeing explored through poetry and more. I think the connection between architecture and poetry truly heightened during this meeting.

Feature 6: Japan, tOKYO (may 2019)

During my trip, I had the honour of having a residency w/ teamLabs at their main installation, I am in the process of writing a lengthy poetical article in response to the findings, so won’t write too much here. However, it definitely gave me a clear understanding of how immersive spaces can contribute to wellbeing, once the intent is rooted in eliciting emotions. Loved it! Thank you to the team for allowing me to do this!



Feature 7: NYC - ReddyMade Architecture w/ Founder ‘Suchi Reddy’ (jul 2019)

Had the pleasure of meeting the inspiring Suchi Reddy, the woman behind the phrase ‘Form Follows Feeling’. We had a less informal picture together, however it wasn’t focused, so I decided to share a picture that matched the energy of the interview. Sincerely grateful that she took the time to meet with me.

Once a space becomes a room, the walls become an observer.
— LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt)