For Those With Walls For Windows

-LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt)



LionHeart is a TEDx Speaker, BBC Radio London Presenter, Award Winning Poet and International SpokenWord Performer. Author of debut poetry collection ‘The Mute’s Rebellion’, which excavates memories of social anxiety, selective mutism, upbringing, emotional vulnerability and more.

The first Poet in Residence at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery exploring and creating works in response to the art work, pertaining to mental health.

The first Poet in Residence at Grimshaw Architects, Squires & Partners, The Building Centre and other firms, exploring Architecture & Poetry's relationship around emotional inhabitance, and its connection to memory and mental health. Guest Speaker at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) for their Copenhagen & London offices.

Previous Guest Editor for the Wellcome Collection in relation to their ‘Living With Buildings’ exhibition.


“Push Yourself To Find Yourself.”

LionHeart  |  Author of ‘The Mute’s Rebellion’



I wish to create poetry in the same way architects create space, with function before form, to facilitate how those who occupy that space may feel. Both sheltered and exposed.

To acquire more knowledge within Emotional Vulnerability, Mental Health, Architecture, Masculinity and More. As a speaker and writer, bettering the intellectual equipment at my disposal will continue to aid me in expanding how we think and navigate our world.


Documenting: Emotional Inhabitance

Using poetry, I’m particularly interested in expressing the influence an architect’s work can have on mental health. Through interviewing and working closely with architects, observing the relationship buildings have with our cognitive behaviour, and how that forms / informs our sense of wellbeing. I’ll be creating a collection of poems, performance pieces and commissioned articles exploring how the application of materials, form and lighting within the built environment impacts us. [Supported by Arts Council England & Grimshaw Architects]


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