Japan: Visiting architecture firms [Research]

The jeopardy or erasure, particularly pertaining to a building but not solely subject to, can give rise to the imagination of how it can exist in the word. Earlier today in Japan, I had a conversation with someone and it gave me so much intrigue in regards to how space is seen. Particularly when that culture perceives the use or absence of space, between things, so differently.

Only two days in, and there is so much information to take in, observations that I must reflect on rather than brain dump onto a page, because there’s a quality of order and tranquility here, which assures me things will fall into place, just as the composite placement of residential homes find balance in being beautifully clustered together.

Perception of space from different culture, this is something to note for future reference.


Watch this space...

After speaking with my mentor during the month of April 2018, I agreed with him that it's important to document this journey I am on, so prepare for quotes, sketches and understandings of the world of architecture and how poetry can come together to pioneer a new form.

I’m learning we’re all architects, and fear
is the only building regulation
that stops us from designing our wildest dreams.
— LionHeart (@LionHeartfelt)